Home School Program

Our Home School Program is designed to work with the Alberta Education curriculum.

Sessions are each 6 weeks in length with a choice of Tuesday or Thursday classes running in the morning or afternoon based on your schedule. Classes are open to all students ages 6-12 years.


Disciplines available are Ballet, Jazz, or Musical Theatre


Classes are available for 6-8yrs or 9-12yrs

Minimum 4 students per class. Call to book a session today!


(6 week Session)

Students      Fee per Session

4                      $65/person

5                      $60/person

6 or more       $55/person

In our movement classes students will:

  • learn to move to the beat in music through walking, running, hopping, galloping and skipping

  • experience, develop and perform locomotor & nonlocomotor skills

  • perform and refine basic dance steps and patterns, alone and with others

  • be able to use planned body movements to illustrate rhythmic and/or melodic patterns

  • learn the creative process to develop dance sequences

  • demonstrate movement sequences in response to a variety of musical, verbal and visual stimuli

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